Urgent Market Messages

The WIT system was established to aggregate inside information as described by art. 4 of REMIT, reported by the energy market participants holding production units connected to the electricity system, in one place.

The system allows to aggregate information on planned and unplanned outages in one place and to provide information on current and future available production capacity. System participants have a possibility to report inside information required by art. 4 of REMIT on the GPI website.

Every participant, after receiving login and password, gains access to the system and a possibility to report UMM for its production units. The reported information on capacity outages are thereafter graphically presented in the record of planned and unplanned outages and aggregated by totalizing all outages for any single day.

The record of UMM information presented on the GPI website together with data on the condition of the electricity system and commercial information from exchange markets should strongly enhance the energy market transparency and facilitate the trading decision making process.

Urgent Market Messages:

Event type "FAILURE" – means a message regarding an unplanned event, which may lead to destruction and/or breakdown of the energy generating/delivering facility or it means other event which leads to the exclusion from operation a part of national energy producing/drawing grid.

Event type "PLAN" – means a message regarding a planned event, resulting from a decision of Market Participant, arising at the moment of the adoption of a plan (to disconnect a part of national energy grid for a specified period of time).

Event type "OTHER" – means a message regarding an event, different from planned or unplanned event, which may influence prices on wholesale energy markets. Among all, an information on achievable generation capacity updates.

"The term ‘Active' refers to a UMM that contains the most recent update on an event that will occur in the future or is occurring.

The term ‘Dismissed' refers to a UMM that is not valid anymore due to the fact that it was cancelled, withdrawn or updated in the meantime

The term ‘Inactive' is used for UMMs  containing the most recent update on an event th at already occurred in the past."

Source: https://documents.acer-remit.eu/remit-reporting-user-package/mop-on-data-reporting/

Information time – means a value entered by Reporting Party (exact date and time), informing about the time of that information arising.

Publication time – means a value generated automatically by the GPI System at the moment of Message reporting (its publication on the platform).

Entity– means a legal person having property rights.

Unit – means a set of data unequivocally identifying an evidential unit concerned.

Achievable generation capacity – means a value generated automatically by the GPI System on the basis of possessed information related to the achievable generation capacity of the unit concerned.

Outage size – means a change in available production capacity or scale of receiving capacity. Reporting Party provides the maximum outage value during the event concerned.

Event type – means a type of reported event: failure, plan or other.

Event start and Event end – means an information about the duration of an event. Depending on its knowledge the Reporting Party provides information about the start and expected or actual termination of the event concerned (exact time and date).

Additional information – means a brief information, complementary to the information published.

Previous UMM and Following UMM – means possible cross-references to related UMM Messages (changed/withdrawnen by the UMM Message concerned or changing/withdrawing the UMM Message concerned).