• 17 march, godz. 09:15

    Urgent Market Messages

    UMM reporting on the GPI platform.
  • 27 february, godz. 01:01

    Reporting REMIT on GPI

    Publishing Urgent Market Messages on the GPI Information Platform is now available. We invite You to cooperation and active use.
  • 27 february, godz. 00:58

    GPI launched!

    27 February 2014 00:00 hrs. the Polish Power Exchange launched the GPI Information Platform for the Polish energy market participants and other persons interested in this market.
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17 march, 09:15

Urgent Market Messages

We would like to inform that Urgent Market Messages published currently on GPI platform are being entered by GPI editor within Polish Power Exchange. Published messages are created based on the information available on websites of major power producers. Ultimately, after the accession to the platform, authorised users will submit UMM entries independently.