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19 november, 12:41

The Exchange Information Platform becomes an Inside Information Platform

According to Article 4 of REMIT and Article 10 of REMIT Implementing Regulation on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency, energy market participants are required to publish inside information which may affect wholesale energy market prices. According to ACER's requirements, such data should be disclosed through Transparency Platforms for the publication of inside information, certified by the Agency, known as Inside Information Platforms (IIPs).

The Exchange Information Platform operated by TGE, received full ACER certification for IIP in November. The granting of this status was conditional on the GPI's meeting a number of key requirements, including: public disclosure of inside information on a non-discriminatory and free of charge basis to all interested parties, implementation of RSS feed for data publication and the assurance of the stability of the Transparency Platform. Another condition for the certification was related to a successful outcome of tests which consisted in the disclosure of inside information to ACER via an RSS feed in accordance with strictly defined guidelines.

The Exchange Information Platform has been in continuous operation since 27 February 2014. It is on the list of 10+ European platforms for the publication of inside information which conform to the ACER guidelines. The GPI provides market participants with access to information on the current status of the national power system and data concerning planned and unplanned events affecting generation capacity. The platform is appreciated among participants in the Polish and European energy market as a source of comprehensive information required to optimise trading decisions available in a single place.

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