PSCMI2 index (PSCMI 2/T in PLN/tonne and PSCMI 2/Q PLN/GJ) reflects the price level of steam coal fines (class 23-26/08) in sales to industrial and municipal heating plants, other industrial users and other domestic customers. Calculated as a weighted average of monthly deliveries, meeting specified coal quality standard: calorific value equal or greater than 23 MJ/kg and less than 27 MJ/kg on a net-as-received basis, with maximum sulfur content of 0.8% as received. Price of monthly product is determined as a weighted average of transactions on the Polish steam coal market, completed (invoiced) in a given calendar month. The base price is a price ex mine, this is a net price without: excise tax, VAT, cost of insurance and delivery cost, under the CFA conditions with the point of loading  "on the wagon".